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How to get into an Autumnal Mindset

Published on 1st September 2018

Blog By Lucy (Elsie LMC)

With Summer drawing to a close it’s easy to believe that with it will go the simplicity of putting together the perfect outfit, but don’t lose hope, as always, Bridgewater has got your back! I took a trip there to treat myself to an outfit that I think highlights just how much choice is available when it comes to slowly switching things up for the new season and introducing small but effective changes into your wardrobe!

My main aim was to befriend the influence that Autumn has on style whilst not abandoning Summer vibes and I didn’t have to go far to find it! This is the time of year when clothing is encouraged by our surroundings (no we don’t go about sporting leaves!) We borrow their delicate golden hues, oranges and browns, anything that brings out the evident transformation taking place around us.

I made a beeline for this Lungo L’arno top upon entering TK Maxx in an okra shade! In Summer I wouldn’t get away with wearing this colour as the bugs would be at me like there’s no tomorrow but now is the best time for it! Adorned with pleats and hanging loosely it is perfect for both lounging around in and going about your day.

Down the back is a lining of clear buttons and the strong cotton material is warming if need be against the welcomed gentle breeze that summer so often deprives us of, but it also allows air to pass through and so can be worn during the precious last days of summer when wanting to cool down. There is a wide selection of tops throughout the centre (not only in TK Maxx) that will have you unknowingly entering a new stage of the year even if you are clinging onto those Summer days for dear life!

As the weather grew cooler I veered away from wearing shorts and decided that this year would be the one I finally get into distressed jeans! In Summer I don’t get to wear jeans as it’s just too warm so you can imagine as soon as Autumn rolls around how excited I get to start incorporating them into my outfits again!

I found these mid-rise skinny jeans by Zara in TK Maxx (a prize to who can tell what my favourite store at Bridgewater is!) and they were a bargain at only €12.99! Although they are ripped, being jeans they will hold in that much-appreciated warmth when it starts to get cold again. They are super comfortable yet not too far a jump from what was the norm for many in Summer. They aren’t a navy blue so don’t overpower the look when worn with the okra top as well. A good pair of jeans could mean that you won’t have to pack away your summer t-shirts and steer far from what you’ve gotten used to. I went a size up from my usual so that I could style it out with a black belt!

To match my belt I broke out my trusty White Mountain boots that are an alternative my feet always welcome compared to my usual flat converse thanks to the slight heel they have! They were from TK Maxx for €27 and are strong, sturdy and ideal for seeing you through all kinds of unpredictable weather.

My chosen accessories were not from this particular trip to Bridgewater, they are items that I carry with me no matter what the season is. I think that it is important to note that not every item is being packed away until next year and can still be used again. You don’t need to jump into a whole new wardrobe just to suit the season, all you need are versatile items.

My sister got me this watch from River Island as a past birthday present and I love how elegant it is. I wear it on special occasions and feel like it adds a sophisticated air to any look. There are always loads of beautiful watches on show at River Island that stand the test of time for a fair price.

To finish off the look I paired the watch with a silk pink paisley neckerchief from New Look, tied (anywhere but where it’s supposed to be!) around the buckle of my jeans and it trailed behind in the breeze!

Thank you for reading, I hope you have a lovely Autumn and make the most of it!
Love, Lucy (Elsie LMC)

Categories: #Womenswear
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