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At Bridgewater, we love hearing about the great experiences you have on mall, at our events and in our stores and we love it when you tell everyone else! For your chance to win a 5 Star Family Fun Day at Bridgewater Shopping Centre just leave us a review for your chance to win here.


“Easy parking, great variety of shops and always a great atmosphere around the centre with all the difference events that are run for kids and families.”


“Bridgewater has everything you need in one place, great brand name product at affordable prices. The cinema kids club is great value for money. It’s a place for the family to get ice-cream or a Saturday coffee with the girls.”


“The reason we keep coming back to Bridgewater is because it is so family friendly. It doesn’t matter what shop you go into all the staff are friendly and helpful. Any of the events we have attended are so family orientated with no stress. Definitely our shopping centre of choice for everything.”


“It has everything, lovely clothes shops to suit all budgets. Delicious food at affordable prices and finish off the day with a movie.”


“I love that you can shop in all the shops you need and that there is also diners and cafes …also a cinema so you can really enjoy a day out there.”


“I like to visit Bridgewater because I moved to Wexford years ago, now Bridgewater allows me to meet and catch up with old friends. Whether it’s having a coffee or visiting the book shop or even enjoying ice cream with my children watching for friends and basically relaxing when I know my wife and children are in a safe environment.


“Everything under one roof. Shopping, eating out, bringing the kids to see a movie, treats; a lovely place to meet friends for a coffee. You can enjoy shopping without getting wet from the rain. One Stop Shop.”


“Great shops and cafes and a cinema added attraction.”


“My kids love the cinema a real treat for the whole family.”


“Myself & my family love Bridgewater Shopping Centre for the variety of shops which cater for all our needs and requirements, including grocery, homeware… and enjoyment for our four children.”


“I love that it has useful shops that covers what I need, loads of parking always spotless & staff are lovely even the cleaners are so nice & I love the new eating area & the little set ups… beach & stuff like that.”


“I love all the shops and l love the cinema. I love all the people and all the friendly staff with in the shop. Three cheers for Bridgewater shopping centre.”


“The thing I love most about Bridgewater is the wide variety of shops and products to choose from where you can also find great deals which are so helpful to me as a single parent of two, I can buy the things my children want at a reasonable price.”


“You get everything under one roof, shopping, food & entertainment.”


“Myself and my family always find something to do in Bridgewater should it be shopping for a new outfit or going to the cinema together there’s always something to do and stuff for everyone I’m always very happy leaving the shopping center satisfied with what I bought.”


“I love when I go into costa for my favourite coffee that the staff remember what I like and are always smiling and friendly , ready to chat. I’m a local and in regularly so it’s a lovely atmosphere to arrive to.”