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Gift Card

Gift it, Love it at Bridgewater Shopping Centre

Gifting is easy with a Bridgewater Shopping Centre Gift Card. From fashion and food to entertainment and homewares there is something for everyone.

Gift Cards are available to purchase from Eason.

How do I check my Gift Card balance? 

Gift Card balances can be checked online here. Please check your balance before making a purchase.

Do you have a paper gift voucher? 

Please note if you have a valid paper voucher these can now be exchanged for a Gift Card at Eason.

Do all Bridgewater Stores accept the Bridgewater Shopping Centre Gift Card?

No, some store exclusions may apply. Please see instore for details.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your card is like cash. Please treat is like cash.
  • You must sign the back of the card before using it.
  • There is no need to use the full value of the card in one purchase.
  • Please use your card within 12 months of purchasing / receiving it. A €3.00 per month management fee will apply on cards with a positive balance after month 13.